The sophisticated stance, which is created by the inclusion of symmetrical straight lines in the design of Almeria, merges itself with the most trendy pattern of walnut veneer when combined with reflective covers.


Featuring Neo-Classic design
Almeria, which carries dark pastel tones to bedrooms, is the most beautiful design example of Neo-Classic. The sophisticated stance, introduced by the incorporation of symmetrical straight lines into the design, merges itself with the most trendy pattern of walnut veneer, combined with reflective lids.

  • Series; wardrobe, Bedstead, nightstand, chest of drawers and chest of drawers.
  • The concept is painted in American walnut parquet pattern-dark matte coffee lacquer.
  • The bed is produced in three sizes as 120, 160 and 180.
  • The bearing head consists of special CNC cutting.
  • Metal parts are electrostatic painted.
  • All feet are natural wood.
  • Glasses are reflective glass
  • The rails and hinges used are with brake mechanism
  • 4 mm slotted flat mirror is used in the mirror mirror. Product covers are lacquered
  • Cabinet doors with sliding mechanism. Led interior lighting
  • The cabinet covers are made of reflective glass in painted aluminum frame.
Height Depth Width
Commode 60 47 40
Dresser 100 47 74
Dresser Mirror 90 2 50
BED 166 231 105
BED 186 231 105
CABINET 241 58 225

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